We are in a world of Maya and we need to realize this immediately

Why we need to realize the influence of Maya?

Māyā (Mā) creates a finite measurable world for us. Maya becomes everything and is omnipresent. Maya is everything we experience from our 6 senses including subconscious inclinations from past lives and prarabdha.

It’s very hard to break away from it.

In Bhagwat Gita, Maya is defined as God’s energy by Lord Krishna

दैवी ह्येषा गुणमयी मम माया दुरत्यया | मामेव ये प्रपद्यन्ते मायामेतां तरन्ति ते || C07.V14 ||

It is my divine energy and consists of the three modes of nature. Maya is very difficult to overcome. Only those be able to cross over it who surrender unto me.

If it’s God’s energy, why we need to break away from it, you may ask?

Maya is a dual power

1.       it’s a boon –> because it creates a finite, measurable reality –> leads to the realization of its futility and has potential to take us closer to Braham

2.       it’s a curse –> because it’s an effective tool in the hands of Kali to manipulate large population –> leads to a destructive, hopeless & subjugated population.

It’s the second roop of Maya, which is troubling and we need to urgently realize its effect upon us. Realization after all is the first step towards action.

Maya – determining our reality

Have you ever questioned your choices, your decisions?

Take a moment, think of a significant decision of your life.

Now follow these steps:

–          Why you think this decision was significant?

–          Why you had to make that decision?

–          If decision had to be made, what were your considerations?

–          Were those considerations based on your beliefs or you were told to make that decision?

While there can be countless permutations but let’s take an e.g. you took a home loan.

Now the contextual questions are, why you needed a house of your own assuming you can also take this on rent? (Deep desire? reputation? Security? Investment?).  Why you needed a specific type of house? (Deep desire? Utility? Reputation?). Why you took loan from a particular Bank/lender (assessment? Advertisement?) And so on…

You may realize that whichever way you try to answer this question, one thing will definitely come up –> INFLUENCE

We are always influenced. If we leave aside the basic reflexes of survival and procreation (prakarti), we are always influenced into becoming what we are.

Our basic belief system is wired. It is an outcome of influence.

Belief system shapes our attitude and guides our decisions.

Our decisions leading to outcomes and experiences, shape our reality.

unending cycle of Maya / Matrix

Maya (or Matrix) is a primary influencer. It also determines how we perceive an experience.

For e.g. not only it will influence us to believe that tamas is good (e.g. alcohol consumption), it will also make us perceive the aftermath or experience of it in a desirable way (e.g. bitter taste, hangover etc.)

In short, Maya determines our Reality and we human beings react to it.

Maya – an effective tool in the hands of Kali /Globalists/Order to manipulate large population

Unlike earlier days, today, it’s far easier to manipulate larger population worldwide.

With increasing thrust of technology and its interference or rather complete domination in our lives, it is very easy for powers that be, to wire and control us.

They create, what can be understood as ‘Illusion within Maya’ (5 senses remain same).

Globalists or Order can be referred to a group of powerful people who wish to control global events in order to rule the world perpetually.

We see these globalists on everyday basis. They are splashed across our newspapers and screens. They are among global leaders and big businessmen. Some are turned philanthropist and some occupy highest seats in organized religions. These people then have their identified friends and collaborators worldwide like a franchise.

maya apra prakriti

Figure 2 Finite Maya / Matrix and Illusion within. Infinite Apra Prakriti

Strategy adopted by Globalists for Illusion

Chankaya Niti suggests that in order to effectively rule people, a king must understand their basic nature and motivations. A king, destined to rule for a long time is not supposed to indulge in everyday politics of sensation and gimmicks.

In modern times, the very nature and motivations of large population are controlled and altered.

What if the basic motives and belief system of large population be gamed to propel certain actions/inactions leading to pre-planned outcomes? –> Yes! It’s an effective strategy.

Basic tenets of control and alteration adopted: – Can be divided in following parts

–          Avidya / Ignorance

  • Historical negationism –> making people forget their past and honor attached to it
  • Destruction of generational wisdom –> rewiring entire body of knowledge as per globalists’ needs. Making people forget and reject even the basic common sense
  • Altering facts –> Vice becoming virtue/Immoral becoming moral à glorifying corruption, greed, disorientation
  • Language control –> language determines morality therefore complete control of language, its consumption and body of work
  • Fallacy of Freedom –> Constantly redefining terms of freedom. Make people feel illusion of freedom even when every aspect of their life is controlled.

–          Breaking Nations and breaking them to the last level > States > Societies > Families >Individuals

  • Constant division of people to the level of last individual by creating false battles and identities. Individuals are unorganized and can be controlled better.

–          Breaking Individuals intellectually and physically

  • Confusion and depression through…
    • Alienation, seduction, over information, false aspirations, timed revelations, absolute falsification, advertisements, wired trends, global fears, cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias
  • Vices such as…
    • Over attachment, materialism, atheism, artificial hate, altered ego, fanciful sex, inflated pride, virtuous greed, priority to happiness
  • Weakening through…
    • disarmament, dishonor, hedging, spying, web of finances, chain of credit, unhealthy tamasik food, opium for masses, crafted diseases, unnecessary revolutions, instant gratification, 24×7 entertainment, unrelated and unfounded guilt, right based society, incentivizing mediocrity

Basic tools deployed: – Main tools deployed for execution

–          Organized religions

  • By defining fundamental unquestionable rules of life, commanding complete subjugation
  • By trampling Karma–Outcome and cyclic life theory to increase desperation and despair
  • By having a franchise model and moral affirmation to execute the central plan

–          Concentration and control of money

–          ‘Renowned’ Institutes and intellectuals

  • By defining and controlling who can and will be called ‘renowned
  • By pronouncing ‘facts’ and changing mind-set of population slowly towards the desired goal
  • By creating and defining illusive values like freedom and globalism
  • By installing ‘renowned’ or ‘recognized’ people at positions of power at every part of world
  • By passing judgments, often legal, to make or break individuals or countries

–          Media & Internet

  • Whether main stream or online, media is simply a tool in the hands of globalists
  • Media alter opinions and effectively hide and inflate truths and falsehoods as per convenience
  • Internet is now deeply controlled by globalists with the help of tech giants.
  • New hate and privacy laws emanating from tools 1&2, effectively let globalists decide what can be said, seen or shared on internet.

Figure 3  Tenets and tolls of globalists to subjugate and control population

What do ‘We’ do then?

Step 1. Realization

Realize that system and reality is gamed. Realization itself is a battle won. There are examples abound to make us realize the presence of Illusion.

  • Think of your bondages. Think of pending loans, lifestyle expenses, expectations built around by oneself or by family, necessity to buy certain & multiple things, increasing demands, increasing and ever expanding list of achievements to have, list of ever expanding bucket list. Think how many of them are a direct outcome of influence and illusion. Think of how and when you all were directed towards these things like a herd of sheep.
  • Think of basic things like when and how it became acceptable and conscionable to break families and live alone or nuclear.
  • Think of why speaking a certain language like a foreigner makes you look like an intellectual
  • Think of why a same event, with 100% equivalent circumstances and outcome, is reported/suppressed differently and perceived differently
  • Think of how a certain food habit or cloths alien and incompatible became basic food or wear.
  • Think of how the definition of your ‘success’ is constantly changed and moved around the consumerism and greed.
  • Think of why ‘goals’ like a certain bank balance or a possesion have become paramount and ‘who’ defined and pushed you for those.
  • & So on

Step 2. Resistance

Though it’s very tough to overcome the divine Māyā (separate topic), we can certainly resist the impact of illusion created by globalists

  • Analyze your emotions and your motivations
    • You can try Vipassana (Mr. Goenka) or pranayama (Patanjali) if you think you require help to mediate or analyze
  • Try mediate upon the central reason for a particular emotion/ decision. e.g. you want an iPhone because of its utility, or status. Check its central reason or motivation
  • Constantly read ‘good’ books dealing with the subject. Start with ‘Animal Farm’ & ‘1984’ by George Orwell. Reading Bhagwat Gita is a must.
  • Be Aware of the information you consume, its source, its utility and see if it is in some way related to the tenets adopted by globalists.
  • Resist avoidable influences and actions. E.g. a particular media agenda is asking you to adopt or reject a particular lifestyle or thing or individual. Or an advertisement slowly nudging you to buy a product or service. Think and take a call.
  • Overall be pragmatic in your resistance. Let it be a slow but steady affair. Fall back to your elders and age old wisdom to seek help.

Step 3. Feel and adopt the change

After Resistance, you will see certain visible changes happening in your attitude and behaviour. Any change in belief system often is faced with counter-resistance

  • Adopt the changes
  • Balance change with pragmatism
  • Feel a connect with your early ancestors, who co-lived with nature and conquered their vices
Mohini – The Maya

Break the Matrix…..!!