URI the surgical strike – Movie Review

~By Vinay Mangal

Do you feel abnormally disquiet living on edge of a seat for good two and half hours? Then Uri is definitely not a movie for you.

No matter which part of India you belong to, what is your mother tongue or what kind of politics you do, there’s absolutely no doubt that this movie will overwhelm you with a barrage of emotions. You will cry and feel the same twinge as you would after losing your near and dear one. Your will feel the same adrenaline rush of a commando reaching out for the trigger before taking a headshot. You will feel the same pride as when someone would adorn you a medal for bravery, and that is the success of this brilliant movie.

Movie speaks for every Indian citizen. It speaks for a generation which believes in doing something. It speaks for that mother or wife who in past, clinched her dupatta in maddening rage when perpetrators of her son and husband’s death got scot free. It speaks for those brave military men who were ready to make the supreme sacrifice but there was never enough political will. And it indeed speaks for you and me, when we drop tears after tears watching these chronological events on silver screen.

Uri is special. It’s a very well made movie. Technically it’s as good as any Hollywood flick. The necessary close-ups, pauses, handheld camera action sequences, high grade effects, warmth of colors, well timed background music, necessary radio chatter and silence, crystal clear real sound of dropping bullet shells, perfect sets, minute details with accuracy and an overall ‘Call of Duty’ kind of swiftness in action, are second to none. Movie is easily better than another famous movie made on a similar subject, ‘Zero Dark Thirty’, because unlike latter, it has a gripping story as well.

Uri deals with this sensitive subject very well. Deaths, terrorism, anguish, pain and all surmountable emotions are woven in a well stitched story. Details are not dwelled upon unnecessarily and many of them were covered creatively in song sequences. Movie characteristically considers its audience intelligent enough to understand behind-the-scene nuances and therefore isn’t very preachy and over the top.

Most special element remains Vicky Kaushal. He’s brings about the right, just right, no less and no more, array of expressions required to play a soldier. He stands like a soldier and talks like one. There is no cry other than the ones required in military discipline or are expected in an actual personal life of a tough cookie combat soldier. He is firm and unflinching. You feel confident giving him such a daredevil and meticulous operation. This shows the kind of hard work the actor must have put in the role.

Vicky Kaushal as combat soldier in movie Uri

Movie speaks for every Indian who is seeing the soaring reputation and might of this nation. We are swiftly getting out from the clutches of our no-action policy of many decades. It shows what we were always capable of but never realized it. We can pick numerous things from the movie. It shows our might in space technology, engagement and advantage we have built in our international relations, precision in our policies towards our neighboring nations, brave new rules of engagement, coordination in inter team operability, no leakage and sabotaging (India was infamous for in the past) and above all, the political will.

Uri will go down in history as a landmark movie for this genre.

Do not miss this one!! Take your family along with. Tell your children this story. See this on big screen. Immerse yourself in nationalism. Cry, laugh, clench your teeth in anger and anxiety. Swell with pride. Feel the thrill.

Jai Hind!!

PS: And pseudo liberals of India can sigh a relief and stop deriding the movie as nowhere in 138 minutes of its runtime, Mr. Modi takes center stage. He’s not mentioned a shade greater than wherever utmost necessary. And yes, ‘72 hoors’ are gone, much to your satisfaction and at the cost of one epic original scene.

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