Turn any photo to WhatsApp sticker in just one minute

Who doesn’t love those little stickers in WhatsApp? These stickers are pics, often with transparent background and look fabulous as a part of chat.

WhatsApp Stickers

What if there are pretty simple ways for you to convert your own pics into WhatsApp stickers?

Let’s go step by step:-


  1. WhatsApp Stickers are basically .webp files. It’s an image file type developed by Google for better compression and output. You can see all your stickers in WhatsApp folder in internal memory of your phone. Internal_storage>>Whatsapp>>Media>>WhatsApp_Stickers
  2. Why separate stickers and smileys? While stickers are open format as anyone can make sticker packs, smileys on other hand follow international protocol and standards are replicated in same form across apps and platforms.

Step 1: Remove Background

Mode 1: Website

  1. Open website http://bit.ly/RemoveBaG
  2. Select a person’s or group picture you want to convert into a sticker. Remove.bg works for people’s picture only
  3. Wait for website to remove background
  4. Save the file. It will be a .PNG file. PNG files are picture files with no background.
Remove background of a picture using website

Mode 2: Android App

  1. Install App – Background Eraser http://bit.ly/BGeraser
  2. Select a picture
  3. Go to edit mode. Use magic or manual mode to remove back ground
  4. Crop/adjust and save the file
removing background of picture using Background Eraser

Step 2: Add to WhatsApp Stickers

  1. Install App – Personal Stickers http://bit.ly/perSticker
  2. Create a sticker pack
  3. Add the pic from Step1
  4. Go to Whatsapp >> stickers
Adding edited picture in WhatsApp sticker pack


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PS: you can also add background in your pics from this App – -> http://bit.ly/back2Sticker , but stickers look best without background!!