‘Sanju’, Bollywood’s love letter to a criminal

Rajkumar Hirani wrote an actual love letter that said,…….
‘Dear Sanju, no matter how hardened a criminal you are, no matter how grave your crimes are, no matter how big a womanizer or drug addict you are/were, I will whitewash all of your crimes. Trust me, I have experience. Ask around, in my last movie I tarnished and misrepresented an entire religion of 700 million people with another bigot in leading role.
~Yours Truly since Munnabhai days’

Movie was such a hogwash, it’s such a eulogy for a criminal that it’s unbelievable..
It’s certainly not a biopic, it’s a 155 min advertising commercial of not a perceived, but proven and prosecuted criminal.

Apart from glaring falsification of facts, movie was shown celebrating a 3rd class lifestyle with such an elan that Richard Attenborough would have been ashamed for making a pygmy of Gandhi in front of Sanju…

Hugely one sided communal angle given to everything. His father turned into a social worker and saint. Overtly communal don, while real mafia friends were muted…

The usual things between a father and son, normal exploits of drug addicts, starting level inconveniences of jailed criminals, pathetic acts of completely absent morality and grave irresponsibility towards family, love & friends was shown with melodramatic music and closer face shots, to make them groundbreaking and melancholically like that of Mother India…

Sanjay Dutt was a criminal and there are actually no positives about his life…

And No!!! No claptrap of how great his father was… His father, sister, friends and media, did what they had to, to cover up and give a lease of life to him..

Go on.. drop a tear or two over this piece of fiction by love struck Hirani..
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