Hindus! stop feeling guilty for upholding your traditions

~By Vinay Mangal

Every time you get to hear about wastage and global good, moment you seen carrying milk and sweets to your favorite Hindu God, you need to stop feeling guilt.

Lot of Hindus take huge guilt trips on issues like this. Some say that they are short of logic to defend this.

Let’s go point by point

Q1) Why waste time and energy on stones?
These are not some stones. Hindu Rishis understood the deep subconscious need of human beings to revere, venerate, touch and see the heroes (or call them God) whom they can relate to, both in terms of challenges and moral skirmishes of an unfair life.
Hindu deities are human like. They offer us a resort in our difficulties. We can look at them, venerate or hate. They offer us Prasadam, irrespective of whether we have something to offer or not. They in return also have human like needs. We offer milk same as we would make our children or elders have it. Deities are part of our family, our being and our consciousness.
One say this is illogical. Let me tell you that by respecting my deities, I learn belongingness, reverence, respect and constant feeling of devotion. These feelings build the basis of a functional and enduring society. Also anything which I offer to my God create a ready market and demand supply for same.

Q2) Why the same milk/other things are not given to poor beings?
This is a classical red herring. What we are offering to our Gods, is not readily available for poor at the same time. I see the same fallacy in arguments like ‘one bullet train can feed 1 crore poor’ or something like this. Fallacy can be stretched by saying why eat 4 chapati when one can survive on two. Remember Hindus! God are part of your family and nobody tells you what you provide to your family.
Also, Hindus have taught the world how a real free market capitalist system goes hand in hand with philanthropy. Having first 2 chapatis being offered to animals, that too from generations, shows that Daan & Dharam are part and parcel for us. Lot of bhandaras and Prasadam goes to poor, that too without saying. So don’t get bogged down

Q3) Comparison with other faiths/religion.
Let every faith be on its own. Absolutely no problem. The basic criteria of sanatan is universal truth (truth that holds well even in an island where no civilization has ever reached). If any faith or practice can be questioned directly on that parameter, we’ll talk, else don’t waste your time.

Q4) Why should we do Pooja and why with all that poojan Vidhi taught to us?
Even if you feel that you are insignificant, you need to know that you are progeny of a continued family tree, out there on earth from some millions of years. Some of your elders/forefathers must have taken huge pain to make what you are now. You are a living proof that your forefathers didn’t just give up on life.
So if they taught you all this from generations, consider this their wisdom (unless you find their word useless and you are the first of the gyaanis). We are not talking about some wisdom on killing other people or taking their livelihoods or destroying things mindlessly. We are talking about some very beautiful, closer to nature, psychologically uplifting traditions. So follow your elders’ wisdom.